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Professional golf at the game’s highest level can be very technical sport that utilizes components from many physical and applied sciences from physics to sports medicine.

Golf requires its own unique set of diagnostic equipment to identify both biomechanical and physical barriers. It is difficult for players’ even at the game’s highest level to obtain the information they need in a useable format.

To meet this need, Back9Fitness® has developed the TOUR Performance Evaluation:

Participants’ receive the game’s most comprehensive physical and biomechanical evaluation leading to a customized program based on needs and goals. The process typically starts during a players’ off-season and consists of two parts occurring over a two-day period.

  • Part 1, or the Evaluation Day, consists of the comprehensive biomechanical and physical testing process.
  • Part 2, or the Diagnostic Reporting Day, consists of the review of the results including the implementation of basic programming.

Players have the ability to bring there on-tour support team with them which may including their golf coach, medical professionals and fitness professionals, or any others they directly work with on these aspects of there game.

Each player is required to commit to a second follow-up TOUR Performance Evaluation scheduled later during the same tour season. At that time, the full evaluation process will be repeated with comparison made between data collections allowing our team to fully monitor progress. The follow-up process and comparison of data is how we guarantee results for each individual!

This program is now offered to professionals on the PGA, Champions, LPGA and Web.com TOUR®’s as well as other Mini-Tours players and high-level amateurs working to take their games to the next level.

In addition, access to hands-on services directly by Jeffrey S. Banaszak are available by appointment only on an hourly basis at The Performance Center in Pantego, TX. Please contact, Jeffrey, directly at 817-277-1458, for additional information.

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