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Back9 Tour Services

When traveling on-tour, our focus is Maintenance and Recovery.  Our unique and comprehensive golf-specific Body Work techniques are designed to put the focus on rehabilitation and hands-on services.  We treat current injuries and/or chronic issues, while help to minimize their effects and prevent “new” injuries.  These services are available for players ONLY at tour event sites.

Our services menu includes:

  • Comprehensive physical and biomechanical assessment:
    • Completion of the TOUR Performance Evaluation at The Performance in Pantego, TX including all follow-ups 
  • Hands-on body work:
    • Active stretching
    • Soft tissue, joint mobilization and joint manipulation
    • Manual therapy including tool assisted soft tissue approaches such as ASTYM®, Graston technique® and Vibracussor®
    • Neuromuscular response testing and graded isometrics
    • Dry Needling for sports performance and pain management
    • Complete tournament preparation 
  • Injury management:
    • Pre and post-rehabilitative programs 
  • Overall performance enhancement:
    • Implementation of on-tour programming previously design and development during the evaluation process
      • This may include pre-round warm-up, post-round stretching, corrective exercise and on-tour conditioning
    • Designed to help players prevent injury and maintain a high level of play throughout the golf season

Player services are available in the following locations:

    • Player hotel rooms and/or RV’s
    • TOUR® fitness trailer
    • Other facilities (i.e. Event site player locker room) based on availability and access

Our Staff RV…a 2019 Winnebago 24J!

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