6 Rogers Court
Pantego, TX 76013-3167
Phone: 817-277-1458
Email: jeff@back9fitness.com

Performance Center

The Performance Center the Home of Back9Fitness® in Pantego, TX

  • Easily accessible from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport (i.e. Only 30-minutes away)
  • 675 square foot square indoor testing center, gym and golf-specific training center
  • State-of-the-art performance gym and training equipment modeled after the Player Fitness and Medical Centers provided by the PGA TOUR®, which travel weekly to tournament events. For the professional this allows continuity with all programming as similar equipment will be available on-the-road weekly at tournament sites.
  • Unique golf-specific physical testing area allowing participants to quickly and efficiently move through our Performance Conditioning Assessment
  • Full free-standing Redcord® System featuring the Professional Work Station
  • Private 120-square foot treatment room featuring all equipment and modalities featured on the road.
  • Recovery area featuring Hot Spring® 3-person spa, Ice Kube™ by Cold Tub for portable cryotherapy, NormaTec® Pulse Plus Recovery Compression System, Newtowne Hyperbarics Class 4 Mild Hyperbaric Chamber and CLEARLIGHT Santuary I Full Spectrum One Person Infrared Sauna
  • Full onsite accommodations featuring private guest room, 3-piece bathroom and locker room area
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