6 Rogers Court
Pantego, TX 76013-3167
Phone: 817-277-1458
Email: jeff@back9fitness.com


As President of Back9Fitness, Inc., I am proud to have created a complete performance system for today’s touring professional that is designed to help them play better, longer and enjoy the professional and financial success they have earned. Whether they are coming off an injury, trying to remove the physical barriers that limit swing performance or just wanting to maximize health and longevity on TOUR, I am confident I have a solution.

The program is multi-faceted, mobile and well structured, allowing personalization based on specific needs, goals and schedule. From the hands-on, on-tour services at weekly tournaments to the unique diagnostic program and process, a full spectrum of professional services are available. With over 20 years experience traveling on TOUR, I have the knowledge and experience to complement the professionals amazing talent.

Jeffrey S. Banaszak, PT, CSCS

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